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How does it work?

The Webcam in the Palacio do Cone Ice-Cream shop is uploading a picture every minute 24 hours a day,
[this is approximately 1.440 pictures per day, each pictures is around 16 kb in size which thus gives 23 MB of pictures per day or 691 MB per month or 8.3 GB per year :-]

For practical reasons we cannot store them all and they would be of little value to anyone.

However at times funny situations arise and it would be nice to save the image for all to share. We have therefore made a new function; "vote picture into database", by clicking this link you'll save the picture into a database and it'll become searchable by the date and time it was taken.

All pictures taken by the Webcam will be stored for a few days and it is still possible to vote them into the database, you can also add your vote to pictures which has already received one or more votes. The picture with the most votes will displayed in our; top 10 gallery